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MORE ABOUT iHavanese

More joy, more energy and personality entered our lives when we acquired our first female Havanese, Olive Owen. As an older pup, Olive wasn’t very social, she was afraid of practically everything, and, in short, she needed a lot of love. Now, with a beautiful, confident spirit and an eagerness to please, Olive is retired and living her best life.

Our Family

Rein is the most recent addition to our Havanese family. She is a beautiful, spunky little thing. We are super excited to have her. She is the daughter of Olivia and Roscoe.

Daisy LOVES to smile! She is one of our social butterflies that is always looking for a car ride.

Brooke is our quiet, sweet, cuddle bug. She loves nothing more than to snuggle up next to whoever is sitting on the couch. She is all about nap time!

Annie is the attention hog, in the best way. She follows us wherever we go. She loves being with her people. We think she’s just afraid she will miss something!

Cowgirl is our energetic bundle of energy! She’s still just a puppy and loves to play!

Henry came to us by way of a very unfortunate situation. He has been an absolute joy and has learned what love is and how wonderful family is! He’s the sweetest boy.

Meadow is our sophisticated girl. She is fun loving, yet regal. She’s definitely the matriarch of the family.



Boomer is our other social butterfly and a total love muffin. He loves to go bike riding in his little basket and never misses an opportunity for an adventure.