MORE ABOUT iHavanese

More joy, more energy and personality entered our lives a few months later when we acquired our first female Havanese, kid sister Olive Owen. As an older pup, Olive wasn’t very social, she was afraid of practically everything, and, in short, she needed a lot of love. Now, with a beautiful, confident spirit and an eagerness to please, Olive is right at home in our family.

Just for YOU—more than a pup-training and resources too! We employed Otsana K9 Training to help us with some of the basics for our pair of Havanese. We loved the training process and services so much that we have employed Otsana K9 Training for all our Havanese litters. The owner, Cathy, has become our go-to gal for all dog behavior questions. This will be a valuable resource for your family and pup!

Just for YOU—We have created a Closed Facebook group just for our puppy owners! We invite you to post pictures of your wonderful puppy and discuss all things Havanese.

Supporting YOU throughout your adventurous journey, iHavanese takes tremendous pride in being a Premium Breeder who is always here for you! We have references for current puppy owners who would love to talk to you about their puppies and experience with iHavanese!

You can always contact iHavanese for assistance or with questions and concerns about your new fur baby.

We look forward to connecting with YOU!

Let us know if you are interested in one of our Havanese puppies in our next litter.