Y’alls Dog Trainer For Life!

Here at Otsana K9 training we truly believe relationships have to be built in order to have success both in training and between clients. You will have Cathy, owner, and trainer of the company, as long as you allow her to help you out; whether that be by phone or social media.

Our promise to our clients is to provide great service to your dog (s) and treat them as our own fur family. We do not believe in temporary band-aids but to use science to find the root of a problem, and we use our toolbox to achieve that.

Cathy Maldonado

Cathy Maldonado, is a balanced canine trainer; which means we use rewards to increase desired behaviors and discipline to decrease unwanted behaviors. When given clear rewards for wanted behaviors and clear corrections for the unwanted behaviors along with, properly reinforcing wanted behaviors; it will give them a purpose of direction, and a better relationship with you and your dog(s).

We do not use the word or command “stay” in our training, our training implies an automatic “stay”. Why not have one word or command equal to 2 or 3? It makes life easier for our clients and as well as your dog (s). In order to do so we use the 3 D’s; Distance, Duration and Distractions.

All our methods of training were learned from attending Starmark Academy in Hutto, Tx where Cathy studied and was Certified as a Canine Trainer and Behavioral Specialist.

Let us know if you are interested in one of our Havanese puppies in our next litter.